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Apple Mortgages are mortgage advisers based in Salisbury, Wiltshire but we cover the whole of the UK, so wherever you are, we can help you. We specialise in mortgage and protection products and use state-of-the-art technology to select the best deals available.

While Banks and Building Societies can only offer their own products, Apple Mortgages has access to the whole market, except deals only available direct from the lender.

It can often be difficult to get an appointment at your Bank or Building Society to see a mortgage adviser.

We are available at a time that suits you and will provide straight-forward, clear advice.

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Why choose Apple Mortgages?

The right advice!

The right advice!

We excel in offering a unique, expert service customised to your precise situation and needs.
Our experience

Our experience!

Benefit from our skilled advisors' extensive expertise in guiding your mortgage and protection requirements.
Personal service

The personal service

We deliver customised care, understanding your needs for a personal experience.

Your questions answered

See below some typical questions we often answer about our mortgage and protection advice services.

What services does Apple Mortgages offer?

Apple Mortgages provides expert mortgage advisory services, offering guidance in finding suitable home loan options tailored to your needs.

Why should I choose an independent mortgage adviser?

As an independent adviser, we're not tied to specific lenders, enabling us to offer unbiased advice and access a wide range of mortgage options.

How do I get started with Apple Mortgages?

Simply reach out through our website or contact details to schedule a consultation. We'll discuss your needs and outline the steps ahead.

What types of mortgages do you assist with?

We assist with various mortgages, including first-time buyer loans, remortgages, buy-to-let, and more, ensuring comprehensive coverage for all your needs.

Can you help clients with less-than-perfect credit?

Yes, we work with clients from different credit backgrounds. We explore tailored solutions and present options that suit your unique situation.

How does Apple Mortgages find the best mortgage rates?

With access to an extensive network of lenders, we compare rates and terms, securing competitive options that align with your financial goals.

What's the advantage of local expertise in Salisbury?

Our local presence means we understand the Salisbury housing market intricacies, helping us offer insights relevant to your property choices.

How do you ensure client privacy and data security?

We take data security seriously, adhering to strict privacy protocols and industry standards to safeguard your personal and financial information.

What sets Apple Mortgages apart from other advisers?

Our commitment to personalised service, unbiased advice, vast lender connections, and a history of successful outcomes distinguish us as your premier mortgage partner in Salisbury.

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