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We all insure our homes, our cars, and our phones but it is just as important to insure our lives and incomes, especially if we have a mortgage debt.

You have to consider:

  • How would your family cope if something unexpected were to happen to you?
  • How would you pay your mortgage and bills if you could not work through illness?

Common protection policies are:

Term Assurance
A straightforward life assurance policy, which could repay your outstanding mortgage debt should you or your partner die during the term of the mortgage. This is suitable for anyone who has a mortgage.
Family Income Benefit
FIB is a type of life assurance that will ensure that your family receive a tax-free, monthly income in the event of your death. These policies are suitable for families or couples who rely upon earned income.
Critical Illness
With medical advances, you have an ever-increasing chance of surviving a traumatic, potentially life-changing event. Critical Illness policies are designed to pay out a lump sum or a monthly income if you are diagnosed with a qualifying illness. Heart Attack, Cancer and Stroke are the most common reasons for claims but providers can protect against a huge range of illnesses. It is generally quoted that 1 in 2 people will contract some form of cancer. Therefore we would recommend that everyone should have some Critical Illness cover.
Income Protection
You are far more likely to be off work due to an accident or illness than you are to die during the term of your mortgage. Unfortunately, your mortgage and other bills will still need to be paid and an Income Protection policy will provide a tax-free, monthly income in the event of your incapacity. We recommend that anyone with a mortgage debt should have some Income Protection, whether you are employed or self-employed.

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